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Steve Shachter Art - Trivet

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Steve Shachter Art Trivet is measuring 8w x 8h x .75d. Made of solid wood with padding on back that protects your furniture. Framed trivet comes with 6w x 6h ceramic gloss tile attached to the wood frame.

click on Trivet to enlarge


click on ZOO ANIMALS to enlarge! item: 3214

ZOO ANIMALS Trivet $24.99    

click on YEAR OF THE OCEANS to enlarge! item: 3222

YEAR OF THE OCEANS Trivet $24.99  

click on TARSIER to enlarge! item: 3220

TARSIER Trivet $24.99    

click on STRIPED DOGFISH to enlarge! item: 3234

STRIPED DOGFISH Trivet $24.99  

click on SQUIRREL MOTHER to enlarge! item: 3224

SQUIRREL MOTHER Trivet $24.99    

click on SPOTTED CAT SHARK to enlarge! item: 3212

SPOTTED CAT SHARK Trivet $24.99  

click on SOUTH PACIFIC REEF to enlarge! item: 3211

SOUTH PACIFIC REEF Trivet $24.99    

click on REEF SHARKS to enlarge! item: 3223

REEF SHARKS Trivet $24.99  

click on RAINFOREST MARGAY to enlarge! item: 3216

RAINFOREST MARGAY Trivet $24.99    

click on RAINFOREST BUTTERFLIES to enlarge! item: 3221


click on RAINFOREST BIRDS  to enlarge! item: 3215

RAINFOREST BIRDS Trivet $24.99    

click on PENGUIN MOTHER to enlarge! item: 3209

PENGUIN MOTHER Trivet $24.99  

click on OPEN WATER SHARKS to enlarge! item: 3228

OPEN WATER SHARKS Trivet $24.99    

click on OCTOPUS to enlarge! item: 3218

OCTOPUS Trivet $24.99  

click on KOALA MOTHER to enlarge! item: 3208

KOALA MOTHER Trivet $24.99    

click on GIRAFFE MOTHER to enlarge! item: 3235

GIRAFFE MOTHER Trivet $24.99  

click on GENTLE GIANTS to enlarge! item: 3229

GENTLE GIANTS Trivet $24.99    

click on FRILLED SHARK to enlarge! item: 3233

FRILLED SHARK Trivet $24.99  

click on FLORIDA REEF to enlarge! item: 3219

FLORIDA REEF Trivet $24.99    

click on DEEP WATER SHARKS to enlarge! item: 3230

DEEP WATER SHARKS Trivet $24.99  

click on COLORFUL FISH to enlarge! item: 3217

COLORFUL FISH Trivet $24.99    

click on CHINESE DRAGON to enlarge! item: 3226

CHINESE DRAGON Trivet $24.99  

click on CHAIN DOGFISH to enlarge! item: 3232

CHAIN DOGFISH Trivet $24.99    

click on CARIBBEAN REEF to enlarge! item: 3231

CARIBBEAN REEF Trivet $24.99  

click on BUTTERFLY DRAGON to enlarge! item: 3225

BUTTERFLY DRAGON Trivet $24.99    

click on BOTTOM DWELLING SHARKS to enlarge! item: 3227


click on BLUE GOLD MACAWS to enlarge! item: 3213

BLUE GOLD MACAWS Trivet $24.99    

click on BARN OWLS to enlarge! item: 3210

BARN OWLS Trivet $24.99  

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